• Our dynamic pricing structure ensures you will receive a competitive price
  • We can work as part of your team. We will manage the set-up and delivery of fresh, clean quality-assured drinking water to cover all your site requirements
  • We deliver on a just in time, 24/7 basis, making sure your water arrives with you just as you need it. You have access to 24/7 contact with our operations manager in case of any last minute changes or issues
  • We can leave our tankers and bowsers on site, enabling you to use the water at your convenience. We can drop and swap the tankers and refill the bowsers to suit your needs

All our water and equipment is quality assured and goes through our rigorous sterilisation processes. UKAS laboratory tested analysis is available for each load. All our quality assurance procedures cover new legislation BS 8551 2011 and the HSG 195 Event Safety Guide providing:

Quality assured tankers, hoses, taps and bowsers. These have been certified corticated to prove they have been sterilised and sampled

Enough drinking water points are available throughout your site, which will be clearly marked, unobstructed and within easy access to all your catering facilities.


Don’t take risks – know the history/background analysis of your spring water.

We run rigorous quality assurance systems and an HACCP accountability plan to ensure our product reaches you in pristine condition. Aqua Direct hold a BRC ‘A’ accreditation Certificate and are regularly audited internally and externally.

Every tanker carries a certificate of sterility for the 29,500 litres of water. Two samples are taken for every load and sent to an UKAS Accredited Laboratory for testing.

Every load is fitted with tamper evident seals for each customer to remove on arrival to their site.

Aqua Direct’s tankers can offload 29,500 litre of water within 30 minutes of arrival at your site with our integral pumps.

All our spring water tankers are bespoke and built specifically to ensure the best conditions for carrying our product to your facility using food grade 316 stainless steel for our tanker barrels.